To learn coding is about not giving up

1. Life becomes all about the code!

My daily routine is a mix of coding problems that I have not yet solved and the current series I binge-watch to calm down after a full day of coding. Right now I am watching Vikings. Let me tell you, this combination leads to some strange dreams at night…

2. The supporting network is gold.

To go through an intense Bootcamp as amongst other challenges in life requires you having people around that see your efforts, helps you out and gives you energy. That also makes you realize that life is about having a fun laugh, be relaxed and enjoy yourself!

One of my favorite projects so far “happy thoughts”. Built in react: View it live here The code here

3 In learning to code, you need to talk about code.

This is actually the hardest task for me so far. I went through 5 years of the university being afraid of saying the wrong thing. Some kind of wall has been put up, and now I doubt myself talking about the code I have written. Sometimes I also simply feel so lost I do not even know where to begin to formulate a question.

4. Getting used to being outside the comfort zone.

I constantly push myself out of the comfort zone with my fellow code-campers. Where everyone’s “zone of comfort” is of course different.



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